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The History Behind Cuda Grit

Gloria ChilcuttMay 06, 2020

Tungco Inc. began making drill bits for the mining and construction industry in 1987. In 1996, this business was separated from Tungco and Cuda Tools, Inc. was formed. This allowed Cuda Tools to concentrate on manufacturing drill bits and Tungco to focus on the tungsten recycling business.

As a byproduct of manufacturing bits, we collected the used tungsten carbide from the dull roof bits, used by our mining customers. We re-tipped the used drill bits with new tungsten carbide tips. In the beginning, we were simply selling the tungsten tips as scrap for recycling.

In 1999, we had an opportunity to acquire a full line of equipment to crush, sort and screen the tungsten carbide to begin manufacturing grit for wear applications. With a short list of potential customers, we began this process.

David Hancock first started selling to mining and construction, mostly for ground engagement wear applications. In 2003, Ryan Sizemore started managing the crushing operation which led us to a huge growth in sales. By this time, Cuda had moved into a new operations facility. A furnace was added to start producing composite rod, which is used in the oil field for fishing and recovery of tools in downhole operations. We also added new pellets and cast tungsten carbide, which are used in the oil industry.

The next step for our growth in grit came by actual application to parts. Welding equipment was installed to apply the tungsten carbide grit in house. Application for surface mining on bucket teeth and grader blades provided a much longer life for these tools. It also reduced cost by lowering maintenance and down time due to fewer replacements.

As Cuda Tools continued to expand its market in both drill bits and grit production, a decision was made to sell the grit operation to Tungco, Inc. in 2015. This allowed Cuda Tools to concentrate on drill bit manufacturing. It also was a better fit because Tungco is a world leader in recycling tungsten carbide, therefore providing the grit operation with a bountiful supply of raw material.

Cuda Grit is now managed by Josh McKnight who is leading us into new fields and operations. We have grown into the farrier market and expanded applications in construction. If you have wear issues and are looking for a solution, give Josh a call and see if he can help you reduce your cost and downtime.

Steve Nance, Founder and Chairman of Tungco Inc.

Gloria ChilcuttMay 06, 2020

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