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Cuda Grit

Cuda Grit was launched in June of 2015 as a result of restructuring divisions within our parent company, Tungco, Inc. The company was formerly a segment of Cuda Tools, Inc., which manufactured and sold crushed tungsten carbide grit. Cuda Grit is now aligned within the tungsten division of Tungco, offering the same high quality product and customer service.

Producing Crushed Tungsten Carbide Grit

Operating since 2015, Cuda Grit separated from Cuda Tools, Inc. and joined forces with the tungsten division of Tungco. Cuda Grit is a fully functional, reliable supplier of crushed tungsten carbide grit.

Our Crushed Tungsten Carbide Process

We are a leader among tungsten carbide grit suppliers. We recycle and crush scrap to create crushed tungsten carbide grit. We sell our products to companies in a variety of industries.

Industries Using Crushed Tungsten Carbide Grit

Some of the industries that utilize tungsten carbide grit include: agriculture, woodwaste and machining. In the woodwaste industries, carbide grit can be useful on such products as shredders, debarkers and chippers. As for the agriculture industry, you will find it used in rippers, sweeps and tillers.

Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Grit

Tungsten carbide is made up of rare physical properties that make it a unique raw material that is strong and wear resistant. In the machining industry, crushed tungsten carbide can be used on a variety of parts and components to increase durability as well as to produce precision finished products at higher speeds. It is used as an extra layer of protection for drill bits, cutting tools, and machining tools. This extra layer makes tools and parts extra durable, which can increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

Additional Components

Many components that can make use of this valuable material include tips, fixed and swing hammers, teeth & inserts, excavators, loaders, dragline buckets, snow removal equipment, graders, directional drilling equipment and much more.

The mesh sizes of crushed tungsten carbide grit we offer include: 8/12, 9/14, 12/20, 16/30 and 20/30.

Contact Us

Our customer service team would be more than happy to discuss tungsten carbide price per pound and set you on your way with the supply you need to enhance your business’s productivity and results.

If you’re looking for high quality tungsten carbide grit, call us today 270-836-8620 for a free quote.


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