Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Services

Cuda Grit offers exceptional products and services. We are equipped and able to meet a broad range of needs for various consumers and suppliers. One of our current services offered is tungsten carbide hardfacing.

What is Carbide Hardfacing?

Also known as hardsurfacing, hardfacing is the process used by welders and machinists to rebuild tools and parts that have been worn down due to wear and age. At Cuda Grit, we specialize in carbide hardfacing.

Through this service, we use carbide and tungsten carbide to repair metal parts for large equipment machinery. By applying a coating of carbide or tungsten carbide, our welding experts can reshape and resharpen the edging and surfaces of parts so that they can be used again.

Why Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing?

Tungsten carbide is durable, strong, and the most resistant to abrasions. These are the primary resources used in carbide hardfacing. In the buildup or wear-resistant welding process, the carbide is applied to the surface of the tool to reshape, resurface, and completely restore the use of the tool or part.

Trust Cuda Grit

If you are in need of tungsten carbide hardfacing or hardsurfacing services, call us today at 270-871-0517 to speak with one of our representatives. We can provide the right kind of buildup and restoration service for your particular tool or part. Our team members are standing by to take your questions, talk about pricing options, and discuss turnaround time so that your tools will be back to working order in no time.


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