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Tungsten Carbide Grit

Tungsten carbide grit provides long lasting wear protection in areas of high abrasive wear. It is used to protect costly parts such as bulldozer blades, bucket teeth, wood grinding hammers, trencher teeth, and a wide variety of other consumable components. Tungsten Carbide grit is an efficient means of protecting machinery and machinery parts by providing a significant increase in the longevity of those parts. This decreases downtime and reduces the cost involved with unprotected parts.

Tungsten Carbide Pellets

Tungsten carbide pellets are made of sintered tungsten carbide with a cobalt binder. Consistent pellet size allows for maximum pellet density for uniform wear while affording maximum toughness.

  • Hardbanding new and used drill pipe collars
  • Buildup of oil field drill bits
  • Welded in steel substrate in various wear resistant applications

Composite Rod

Composite rods consist of tungsten carbide particles suspended in a copper based binder for severe impact and wear applications. Tungsten carbide particles are typically ¼”, 3/16”, 1/8”, and 1/16” for aggressive cutting or high wear applications and smaller particles for other various applications.

  • Reamers
  • Auger bits
  • Auger flights
  • Wear pads
  • Earth moving and drilling
  • Trenching
  • Agricultural
  • Farrier applications

Non-Magnetic Cast Tungsten Carbide Powders

By melting tungsten metal and tungsten monocarbide (WC) together, a eutectic composition of WC and W2C is formed. This melt is cast and rapidly quenched to form extremely hard solid particles having a fine crystal structure. The solids are crushed and classified to various mesh sizes.


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