About Cuda Grit

We Specialize in Tungsten Carbide Grit

Our story

Cuda Grit was launched in June of 2015 as a result of restructuring divisions within our parent company, Tungco, Inc. The company was formerly a segment of Cuda Tools, Inc., which manufactured and sold crushed tungsten carbide grit. Cuda Grit is now aligned within the tungsten division of Tungco, offering the same high quality product and customer service.

Our mission

To be the choice supplier of tungsten carbide grit by providing a high quality product and service that produces cost savings and increased efficiency. 

Why Cuda Grit

As a family-owned business, we personally care and use our expertise to manufacture crushed tungsten carbide for your hard wear needs. We are a global company that will deliver a quality product in a timely manner with excellent customer service.

Our People

Our team of experts is the most valued asset for crushed tungsten carbide. We are committed to producing only the best quality products and offering Unforgettable customer service.

Our Work Culture

Our knowledgeable team of experienced employees strive for the highest quality products, a strong sense of community within the Tungco family and doing “Whatever It Takes” to get the job done right the first time.

We can help with all your crushed tungsten carbide needs!

Improve productivity
Lower operating cost
Minimize risk
Protect safety and environment

Tungsten carbide grit solutions that work in your world


for uniform wear while affording maximum toughness

Composite Rod

for severe impact and wear applications

Non-Magnetic Cast Tungsten Carbide

for good wear resistance and weldability

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