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Benefits of Work Experience

Gloria ChilcuttMay 07, 2020

There are many benefits to having long-term work experience within the same company. This good period of work experience will greatly increase the knowledge, personal attributes and skills that will allow you to become a valued and appreciated employee. As an individual becomes invested in the company, they will start to feel ownership. This sense of ownership will encourage growth in areas such as, learning to work well with other people and valuing each other’s strengths and contributions. The learned expertise will also include, interpersonal skills (working with people at all levels), as well as planning, organizing and time management. You will learn to prioritize and work on several projects at the same time. The more you understand what you do, the more confident you will become at your job which will enhance your decision-making skills. My journey with Tungco began over 25 years ago when I started working during the summers, sorting Tungsten Carbide. While in high-school, I started a co-op at Cuda Tools Inc., which allowed me to learn many valuable lessons from this family business. In college, Ryan Sizemore (Chief Sales Officer for Tungco Inc.) and I were the first two employees to crush our scrap dull mining carbide used from the local mines. We were unaware at the time, what and how CUDA GRIT would grow and evolve. I have been very fortunate to see and be a part of our crushing operations growth and development over these past years as we have become a leading supplier of crushed tungsten carbide grit both domestically and internationally. It is important to us that every customer is treated with the utmost respect throughout our business process. Regardless of whether we sell to a manufacturing plant or a local farmer putting grit on his chisel plow in his shop, Cuda Grit will place extreme importance on each individual customer. We have always been treated like family within the organization and that is why we strive for our customers to experience this as well. Steve Nance (founder) has in-stilled in us to do “whatever it takes” and that’s what we will do to take care of our customers. We not only strive to make them happy, but often ask our customers how can we help grow their business. The company as a whole places significant importance on continued education and the ongoing evaluating of our processes to better serve our customers. We are excited to introduce the new Cuda Grit eCommerce website for online ordering, which will allow customers to pay with credit card and in small volumes.

Josh McKnight (Cuda Grit Sales)

Gloria ChilcuttMay 07, 2020

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Being a global company that specializes in tungsten carbide reclamation, we buy all types of shapes, sizes, and quantities of scrap. I am relatively new to the industry, so one of my favorite things to do...

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