May 07, 2020

Benefits of Work Experience

There are many benefits to having long-term work experience within the same company. This good period of work experience will greatly increase the knowledge, personal attributes and skills...

May 06, 2020

The History Behind Cuda Grit

Tungco Inc. began making drill bits for the mining and construction industry in 1987. In 1996, this business was separated from Tungco and Cuda Tools, Inc. was formed. 

May 06, 2020

Product Knowledge

Being a global company that specializes in tungsten carbide reclamation, we buy all types of shapes, sizes, and quantities of scrap. I am relatively new to the industry, so one of my favorite things to do...

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What sizes are used in their industry?

Depending on applications, you use a more coarse grit size for example a rock quarry and a fine material in sandy applications.

What preparation methods are needed to weld?

Always try to grind the weld area to clean, white metal. Many shops do not clean to save time and money. The surface does not have to be perfect, but at least touch the surface.

How far will 1 lb of grit go when being used?

Depending on feed rate and welder, you can weld 1 inch wide by 20 inches long with 1 pound of grit.

What kind of welding wire do I use?

The most versatile wire size is .045 DIA. wire. This wire can be used with the higher voltage and lower amps to make thinner weld beads with deep penetration. The best wires are triple or double de-oxidized (Aluminum, Zirconium, Titanium). They make a very clean puddle for the carbide to drop though and have a high tolerance for dirty base metal surfaces. Other wires can be used, for example, high-Chrome/High Carbon, small-diameter hardfacing wires.

What gases and voltages do I use?

Argon/Oxygen (2%) is the most popular mix. Pure Argon can be used, however it is colder. 75/25 (75% Argon/ 25% Carbon Dioxide) is another choice. Pure CO2 is the cheapest gas and can be used with higher voltage. In fact, the higher the voltage, the flatter the bead will be. All gases can be used with high or low voltage:

  • Low heat 24-26 volts
  • Medium heat 27-29 volts
  • Hot 30-33 volts

What is included in vibratory feeder system?

Included in the system are the following:

  • Vibratory feeder assembly with remote control
  • Built-in Carbide hopper
  • Five (5) feet of .625" I.D. drop hose
  • One (1) aluminum metering funnel
  • 4" metering tube
  • 5" SS short guide tube w/clamp for MIG gun mounting (MIG gun not included)
  • 115 VAC line cable with three-pronged plug (No plug on 230 VAC units)
  • Current sensing reed with cable
How is it packaged?

Material is bagged and placed into bucket with lid. Then placed in box taped up or palletized. Moisture inhibitors are also placed in bag of material when sent international.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally.

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