There are a variety of industries in which the wear resistance of machinery and their associated components and parts are a significant issue to be resolved. Repetitive use of parts involved in impact and abrasive actions eventually experience surface deterioration. This can translate into part becoming less effective, which translates into loss of quality and productivity in the businesses output.

The solution to this involves the application of tungsten carbide grit to the surface of these parts which increases their wear and impacts resistance capabilities. At Cuda Grit, we provide tungsten carbide grit that enhances the efficiency and productive work life of your machinery components and parts.

Cardbide Grit and Hardfacing

The process involved in applying tungsten carbide grit to the surface of these parts is called hardfacing. With hardfacing, the base metal is made tougher and harder through the application of a material (in this case tungsten carbide grit) to its surface. Tungsten carbide grit in fact, offers a greater level of protection to surfaces than many or most other traditional hardfacing materials.

Various industry applications require various levels of wear resistance. At Cuda Grit, we offer tungsten carbide grit in various mesh sizes that suit particular applications. By using the right mesh size, you can achieve the desired level of protection regarding both impact and abrasion resistance. Tungsten carbide grit can also be applied to used parts in order to restore their deteriorated and worn-down surfaces.

Applications That Benefit from Hardfacing with Grit

Some of the industries and applications that benefit from the use of carbide grit include: agriculture, woodwaste, drilling and plow attachments. Particular pieces of equipment and parts that can be enhanced in terms of abrasion and/or impact resistance include, tillers, rippers, sweeps, loaders, graders, milling attachments, shredders, stump grinders, debarkers, drill collars, drill pipe and tubulars. These parts are costly and enhancing their protection through the application of carbide grit helps reduce downtime and increases production efficiency.

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